A Full Spectrum Of

Services For Industrial Hemp Cultivators and Businesses

We take pride in our work and the work we do for others. Our offerings are tailored to the individual needs of our clients and customers. Engaging with United American Hemp signifies a commitment to the highest level of products and services

Seeds & Clones

United American Hemp collaborates with some of the most respected cultivators and geneticists across the United States to breed a new generation of plants that meet modern agricultural needs. Through in-house genetics and genomics research, data collection and independent testing, we exclusively breed top-shelf cultivars that are optimized to meet industrial hemp compliance standards, hardiness requirements, terpene content and overall cannabinoid yield.

Cultivation Guidance

Through our sister company, TORNA, we offer a suite of consulting services for cannabis-related businesses across the globe. Our approach to consulting is simple: We speak with facts. We care about details. We understand the specific needs and industries of our clients. We believe that reputation matters, which is why ours is built on consistently providing the type of results our clients value most, quality and efficiency. Our guidance services extend to...

  • Licensing and application development
  • Cannabis-centric new business formation
  • Cultivation, extraction and dispensary guidance and training
  • Equipment sourcing and training
  • Germination and cloning training
  • Organic cultivation guidance
  • Precision agriculture development
  • Workplace safety guidance and compliance
  • Regulatory compliance

Cannabinoid Testing

Cultivating industrial hemp for industries that seek cannabinoid-rich harvests can be an agricultural challenge. Factors including plant genetics, environmental instability, sunlight, water and soil can affect the quality of a harvested crop and its compliance under state and federal law. United American Hemp has invested heavily in mobile laboratory testing equipment that provides farmers and cultivators with accurate cannabinoid testing for crop optimization, breeding and regulatory compliance. Listed below are the cannabinoids for which we provide mobile testing:



Total Potential D9-THC

Terpene Analysis (Coming Soon)

Gender Identification

When growing cannabis for purposes that demand cannabinoid-rich products, many cultivators prefer to grow a female-only crop. Separating males from females as early as possible becomes extraordinarily important in order to maintain space-efficiency, obtain maximum cannabinoid yield and prevent sexual reproduction. Traditionally, this is done well-into the growth cycle by visually identifying each plant's reproductive components and removing the male cannabis plants accordingly. United American Hemp offers a mobile gender testing service for farmers and cultivators that can identify males and females as early as 7 days after germination, reducing time, space and labor costs for the cultivator.