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At United American Hemp, we’re not just cultivators. We’re also avid researchers with a passion for science who have invested a great deal into studying all aspects of the cannabis plant, from cultivation methods to end-uses. We gather data to expand our knowledge and understanding of traditional processes and further the development of new technology and techniques.

Genetics & Genomics

Plant genetics are vitally important to any industrial hemp growing operation. Whether it's choosing the ideal cultivar for a specific set of growing conditions, making science-based propagation decisions or identifying gender within a crop, the use of genetics can provide significant value to any cultivation operation. At United American Hemp, we utilize in-house marker-assisted breeding, genetic analysis and gender identification to more precisely refine the cultivation process. The goal: more consistent harvests with higher yields and a reduction in overall risk factors.

Cultivation Methodologies

Growing methods can vary greatly and present a complicated decision regarding which is the best for a particular set of production goals, environmental factors, grower experience and cultivar. Whether it's choosing indoor, outdoor or a combination, greenhouse, hoophouse or a hybrid, soil-based, soil-less, hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics, or a mix of mediums, each variable provides its own set of challenges and opportunities. We seek to unbundle the complexity of this decision-making process by performing research on the numerous cultivation methods for growing cannabis.

Precision Cultivation

Many aspects of cannabis cultivation are, and will continue to be, an art. However, at United American Hemp, we believe science can play a major role in the development of consistent and repeatable production processes for industrial hemp. For this reason, we collect hundreds of data points, invest in cutting-edge equipment, perform detailed data analysis and test our findings directly within our own cultivation facilities. This commitment to constant refinement allows our cultivation efforts to improve in efficiency, consistency and overall quality.

Cannabinoid Life-cycle

Through the utilization of specialized in-house cannabinoid testing equipment, we collect data on our plants throughout their entire life-cycle. It is our goal to monitor, chart, and better understand the production of core-phytocannabinoids within the plant along with the impact of environmental variables on their concentration and development. We are also in pursuit of the ability to identify specific cannabinoid potential early in a plant’s life-cycle, allowing cultivators to make valuable decisions potentially months before harvest.

Lighting & Photonics

When it comes to indoor, greenhouse or hybrid growing operations, light intensity, spectrum and timing is crucial to a bountiful harvest. Whether through word of mouth, an internet search, a podcast episode or a magazine article, it’s hard to avoid hearing an opinion on lighting techniques. HID vs LED, full spectrum vs limited spectrum, optimal light levels during different stages of life, the use of UVB for trichome production, etc. Rather than relying on anecdotal evidence, we believe in the power of data. Therefore, we’re performing research to quantify the different types of lighting techniques and their effects on the cannabis plant throughout its life cycle

Water & Soil

Water and soil are vitally important mediums for the availability and delivery of nutrients to the cannabis plant, contributing to both the quality and quantity of each harvest. Our research into water purification processes, irrigation methodologies and soil properties aims to refine a cultivation process that minimizes risk, minimizes labor and creates a safe and nurturing environment for the cannabis plant to grow to its fullest potential.