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Required Reading / Documents:

  1. Material Transfer Agreement – Click Here.

Payment Options:

  1. Cash
  2. Check (Payable to United American Hemp, LLC)
  3. Money order (Payable to United American Hemp, LLC)
  4. Wire transfer (required for all international orders)
  5. Debit / Credit Card (2.75% processing fee)

Additional Notes:

  1. Minimum order quantity is 100 seeds, clones or advanced starts.
  2. Payment is required, in full, prior to shipping / pickup.
  3. Customer pickup is available at our Louisburg, KS facility.
  4. Seed orders, in the USA, are shipped via UPS and require a signature for receiving.


In accordance with Federal and Kansas state law, United American Hemp can only sell / deliver seeds, clones and advanced starts to individuals (or organizations) who currently hold an industrial hemp license in their respective State. If you wish to have United American Hemp hold stock for a future license approval, a 50% down payment is required.