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Seeing a breeder’s operation with your own eyes is invaluable. What can be learned from visiting the farm, talking with the owners and asking questions yields a more confident grower and a healthier long term relationship.

Jason Mispagel
Co-Owner & Director of Cultivation


What Can You Expect Growing United American Hemp's Cherry Wine?

Short, bushy and dark green appearance.

Cherry Wine is an indica-dominant strain that expresses a short, bushy plant during its growth stages, typically achieving a 4ft wide by 4-6ft tall stature. It is known for its dark green, broad leaves. Beyond its physical appearance, true Cherry Wine, will smell like the color “red” during its late vegetative and early flowering stages.

Consistent genetics that equates to predictable yields.

Having a successful harvest begins with purchasing genetics that have a pedigree. At United American Hemp, we have been collaborating with the original breeders of Cherry Wine, Tree of Life Seeds, for over two years to continue on the plants evolution. A grower can expect up to 1/2 pound of dry weight yield (indoors), up to 1 pound in a greenhouse and up to 4 pounds per plant outdoor.

Compliant, high-CBD/low-THC ratios.

10-18% CBD/CBDA | 0.11% – 0.30% ΔTHCA is what a cultivator can expect from United American Hemp’s pedigreed Cherry Wine variety. Cannabinoid profiles differ based upon time in the field, time of harvest and general growing conditions. State-issued compliance reports and COA’s from DEA-approved Steep Hill are available upon request.

Robust terpene and minor cannabinoid profiles.

Up to 1.2% terpene concentration is what a grower can expect from our Cherry Wine variety. As the demand for terpenes grows, higher yielding terpene profiles can increase not just the medical efficacy of the product, but the profitability of a grow as well. Lab results from DEA-certified Steep Hill are available upon request.

Photos taken 3.11.2020 of Cherry Wine on a Cannon M50/100mm macro lens

Photos taken 3.11.2020 of Cherry Wine on a Cannon M50/100mm macro lens

What Can You Expect Working With United American Hemp?

1. We are breeders of compliant, stable and pedigreed genetics.

At United American Hemp, we exclusively breed USDA-compliant industrial hemp varieties that are stable and consistent. While currently evaluating over a dozen varieties in research and development, we only release new varieties that meet the extraordinary standards that the law and our customers demand. We believe in breeding varieties you can count on – which is why we seek as much confidence in our product as you do.

2. There are no middlemen. We are breeders and farmers - not brokers.

When you call United American Hemp to inquire about genetics, you are speaking to the men and women who operate the farm and business day-in and day-out. We take pride in the fact that all our customers have the right to ask us questions, tour the facilities and review the data behind any and all claims that are made. We believe in education and are here to provide guidance to all prospective customers.

3. We offer some of the lowest minimums in the industry.

We believe in supporting cultivators of all sizes and budgets and all levels of experience. Whether you are a new grower looking to plant 1 acre, 10 acres, 100 acres, in a greenhouse or in a 4×4 grow tent – we are happy to work with you. With a minimum order quantity of just 100 seeds (clones or advanced starts) we are happy to offer our genetics to cultivators around the world.