Our company

Cultivators and more

We believe experience, education and research are paramount to long-term success in the cannabis industry. Our company is comprised of individuals certified in cannabis medicine & science, indoor cultivation, genetics & genomics, pharmacology, workplace safety, regulatory compliance and more.

Pure Cultivation

Specialists in natural and organic cultivation methods.


We've invested greatly in the organic cultivation of industrial hemp. Whether it be indoors or outdoors, we believe that cannabis free of pests, pesticides, pathogens, synthetic fertilizers and heavy metals yields a superior end-product and brings the plant closer to its natural state.

Precision Agriculture

We are integrating new technology with traditional processes.


At United American Hemp, we're exploring and implementing new technology to expand the possibilities for cannabis production. Focused on indoor cultivation, we perform side-by-side studies comparing various methodologies, environmental factors and more.


We believe in the power of information. We believe in transparency.


We are committed to sharing our thoughts, opinions and research for public consumption. As the industrial hemp industry emerges, we believe that making research and data readily available to the community is one of the best ways to advance the industry as a whole.

United American Hemp's


United American Hemp belongs to a family of companies operating within various segments of the cannabis industry. These companies provide products and services including consulting, cultivation, research, and technology.

Open and Available


Although primarily cultivators and researchers, we also actively engage in the industrial hemp community by sharing our findings and encouraging input, questions, feedback, and dialogue.