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Seed Production: Our Farm to Your Field

When we first considered producing seeds, advanced starts and clones for other cultivators, we spent an enormous amount of time on research to identify the best process and methodology.  For us, as with everything we do, it was vitally important to put out the highest

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing FAQ 1. What is your pricing for seeds, clones and advanced starts?Seeds 100-999 ($2.50/seed) 1,000-4,999 ($1.00/seed) 5,000-9,999 ($0.85/seed) 10,000 – 49,999 ($0.80/seed) 50,000+ ($0.70/seed)   Clones 100-999 ($13.00/clone) 1,000-4,999 ($10.00/clone) 5,000-9,999 ($7.50/clone) 10,000 – 49,999 ($6.75/clone) 50,000+ ($5.10/clone) Advanced Starts 100-999 ($12.00/a.s.) 1,000-4,999 ($7.50/a.s.)

Hemp Farming Calculator

Below is a link to download our Hemp Farm Calculator. This excel document is meant to serve as a birds eye-view of the estimated capital requirements and revenue generated from cultivating industrial hemp. Download (.XLS)