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Our business strategy is simple and based upon a guiding set of principles. Honesty, transparency & authenticity. That’s who we are and that’s what we expect of our company.

James DeWitt
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Who We Are

Founded on December 20, 2018, United American Hemp is a privately owned, licensed industrial hemp farm free of outside investment capital. Co-owned and operated by a cohesive group of five Kansas residents (James DeWitt, Michael Wilson, Lloyd Hill, Josh Hill and Jason Mispagel) United American Hemp is a company investing in the future of hemp production in America.

What We Do

United American Hemp is a licensed cultivator, breeder, distributor and transporter of industrial hemp. We breed stable genetics that growers all over the world rely on for medicine, income and more. Additionally, we work with consumer brands, all across North America, to research and develop new products in a wide variety of industries.

Our Farm

Our licensed industrial hemp farm is located in Louisburg, KS on 10 acres of dedicated land. Previously utilized as a cattle farm by co-owner, Josh Hill, United American Hemp has respectfully transitioned this land to house 6,000 square feet of greenhouse space and 9 acres of outdoor cultivation space.

What We Value

Stable Genetics

We only cultivate genetics that are stable and consistent and any claims that are made by our company are backed with data that is available to the public.

Doing Good Business

Our business is built on reputation and doing what we say. We care deeply about our customers success and invest greatly to ensure they find value in our product and company.

Customer Service

We believe customer experience and education are paramount to the long-term success of our business and this industry.

Do you have questions?

We spend, on average, 12 hours educating, training and answering questions for growers even before they purchase a product. We are passionate about education and never feel time speaking with a fellow grower is time wasted. Call us at (844) 420-1470 or call Michael Wilson, Director of Research & Development directly at 1 (913) 298-8796. Additionally, you can fill out the form to the right and an owner of United American Hemp will be in touch promplty. We look forward to listening and provide any guidance that may be helpful in your industrial hemp endeavors.